Tuesday, November 23, 2010

2 version of Service Oriented Architecture App (Android Phone / Galaxy Tablet)

This app includes:

Galaxy Tablet(Service Oriented Architecture)

Android Phone(SOA Pro) Version

4 SOA Types with related Design Patterns
8 SOA Principles with illustrations
7 SOA Goals with illustrations
16 SOA Design Pattern Groups
78 SOA Design Patterns with illustrations
Explains what the aim of each design pattern is and how to implement it your enterprise architecture
Explains how each SOA design pattern is related to other design pattern
Explains how each SOA Principle is related to SOA Goal
Explains how each SOA Principle, SOA Goal is related to each design pattern

Please note SOA is vast subject and this is just a beginning. I am no way expert. I will keep improving as I go and will keep sharing the same with you through this app.

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