Thursday, October 3, 2013

FAQ ( Posture Corrector Mobile App)

Who can use this app?
-          Anyone can use this app.

Why should I use this app?
-          If you are someone looking to better your posture, this app helps you do that by alerting and giving you tips how to do that. You may just want to improve posture, or recovering from an accident, undergoing physiotherapy and want to follow instructions/tips given by your therapist this is the app to help you with that.
-          If you are interested in improving posture for only one part of your body you can do so. For example: want to keep your back straight while sitting you can do that.

I bought the app, Tell me how to get started?
-          In the app.
First,  open the Setup screen, Select the Interval (.i.e. How often you want the app to alert you to correct the posture?)

Switch All Day option if you want the alert to be on all day,

If you want alerts during particular time duration of the day then select Start Time and End Time For Example: 9 am to 5pm

Turn the Vibrate option on if you like your device to vibrate when Alert shows up so you correct you posture otherwise turn is off

Use the Ringtone option of your choice for your posture corrector alert, so every time you listen to the alert you will sit up straight !

In Posture Type select overall, if you like select specific body part, whose posture like to improve select that part. For Example: Back, Leg or Hand

Posture type selected will determine the tips you receive For example: if you selected ‘Leg’ then you will select tips specific to ‘Leg’ only.

Finally, open the Scheduler tab  and turn the Notification option On. This tab has all your setup information and switching Notification option on will start the alerts and Tips.

Obviously, you can turn it Off to stop.

How can I add my own posture corrector Tips given by my Physiotherapist?

-          In the app. Open the Posture Tip tab, You will select the ‘Add Posture Tip’ option, Then you have to select Posture Type to which this Tip will apply, Then type in Short and Detailed  description of the Tip and Save it. Now you have your own Tips in the App.

How can I add my own Posture Type?

-          In the app. Open Posture Type tab, You will select the ‘Add Posture Type’ option, Then you have to write the Posture Type name and Save it. Now you have your own Posture Type in the App.

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