Thursday, October 3, 2013

FAQ (Stop Negativity)

Who can use this app?

-Anyone can use this app.

Why should I use this app?

-If you are someone looking to reduce negativity in your life and want to encourage positivity, this app helps you do that by first allowing to record your feelings both positive and negative, then it goes you graphical analysis of the feelings. Gives you what are your most negative parts of life. You may want to improve negative parts to positive by this app’s positive alerts and tips mechanism.

I bought the app, Tell me how to get started?

-In the app.

First,  on landing page, if you are feeling positive then Select ‘ I feel Positive about ‘ then select the area of life that you feel positive about.

If you are feeling negative then Select ‘ I feel Negative about ‘ then select the area of life that you feel negative about.

Record your feelings every time you feel them.

When/ where can I see the graphical analysis?

-On landing page Pie chart will start building your positive/negative feelings analysis.
-You can also we line graph by selecting line graph icon on the top.

What will I get with graphs?

-Graphs will show you which part of life you are negative about and which positive about, which you can see it for a day, week, months, year.
-Graphs will give you trend how your feels are shifting towards positivity or negativity

How does app help me stop negativity?

-Once you know what you are negative about. Every time you are drifting towards it alert your mind to stop it and think of something positive.
-For that use this app to remind you with positive tip that will change your mood to positivity.
-Use Alert –Setup tab, select Interval 

How often you want the alert ?

Select All Day if you want the alert to be on all day.

If you want alerts during particular time duration of the day (when you’re tend to be most negative) then select Start Time and End Time For Example: 9 am to 5pm
Turn the Vibrate option on if you like your device to vibrate when Alert shows up so you change your negative thought to positive otherwise turn is off
Use the Ringtone option of your choice for your stop negativity alert, so every time you listen to the alert you will stop the negative thought !

In Category select General, if you like select specific area of life, Which you like to improve select that area and Save. For Example: Work, Family etc.
Category  selected will determine the tips you receive For example: if you selected ‘Work’ then you will get tips specific to ‘work positivity’ only.

How can I add my own Stop Negativity Tips?

-          In the app. Open the Custom Tip tab, You will select the ‘Add Positive Tip’ option, Then you have to select category to which this Tip will apply, Then type in Short and Detailed  description of the Tip and Save it. Now you have your own Tips in the App.

How can I add my own Category?

-          In the app. Open Category tab, You will select the ‘Add Category’ option, Then you have to write the Category name and Save it. Now you have your own Category in the App

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